VeriServed is
  • Documented
  • Auditable
Electronic Service of Process

With VeriServed, never worry about your electronic serves being quashed for lack of proof of a “good serve.”
VeriServed Graphical Representation
VeriServed User Friendly Interface
VeriServed User Friendly Interface

VeriServed Features

Stop trying to keep emails and return receipts.
Stop hoping that the person who saw the message actually looked at the legal documents versus discarding it as spam.
Stop worrying about a defensible trail for court.
VeriServed handles it all for you.

VeriServed Multiple Addresses

Sends to Multiple Addresses

Handles multiple emails and social media platforms, so you can attempt service several ways at once.

VeriServed Tracks Message

Tracks Message Opens

Tracks each method for successful delivery or bounce, and which methods show activity, such as messages seen or emails previewed or opened.

VeriServed Secure Portal

Stores Legal Documents on Secure Portal

Provides a unique link in each method to a secure portal for all legal documents

VeriServed Gathers Info

Gathers Info on Individual

Collects identifying information on any individual attempting to access the documents on the portal, including verification questions you can set up, to ensure only authorized individuals access the documents.

VeriServed Verifies Documents

Verifies Documents Received

Tracks all previews and downloads of documents and notifies you of the event.

VeriServed Provides Auditable Report

Provides Auditable Report of Service

Documents clearly, by date and time, all message and portal interaction, including IP address used. Shows when messages were viewed/opened, portal was accessed, including identifying information, and documents were previewed or downloaded.

Electronic Service of Process is Coming – Are Your Prepared?

Courts are already pushing the boundaries of law and ordering electronic service. Unfortunately, the means to truly verify service are limited – many of these serves will be quashed by canny defense attorneys.

VeriServed solves the problems with electronic service. See How!

VeriServed Electronic Service of Process
VeriServed User Friendly Interface
VeriServed User Friendly Interface
VeriServed Graphical Representation

User Friendly Interface and Graphical Representation

  • Quickly start new electronic serves.
  • Easily view status of each serve and statistics on all VeriServes.
  • Produce detailed reports for court proving successful document delivery
VeriServed Graphical Representation

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